Top tips for new Web Designers

Top 5 tips for new web designers:

If you are a new web designer, you might actually find these tips very helpful, but even if you are not and you're someone who's already got experienced od established, these tips might still be very valuable to you. It will make you reconsider, how you approaching your web design projects. So lets go ahead and jump right in to it.

Tip #1. Before you ever start doing a single line of code , before you ever touch your computer, make sure you fully understand the brief and what the website design is suppose to accomplish . Make sure that you understand what the goals of your client or your employer are and what the business reality surrounding the project are. Take the prospective of this and use it to influence all of your decision making rather than thinking purely from the perspective of a designer or even a coder. what might makes sense from an artistic or from a functionality perspective may not help accomplish the end goal of reaching new b…

Traditional vs Digital Marketing in Ranchi

Which one to choose? - Traditional vs Digital Marketing

Choosing a suitable marketing strategy is a  common talk between the marketers in Ranchi, if digital marketing is defeating the traditional marketing.

The answer is simply yes in most cases. As this small city Ranchi is growing fast, the digital marketing in Ranchi also growing fast. The integration and combination of both is the backbone of the marketing strategy. Both of them provide compensation to each other's weak points. If you don't know the effectiveness of digital marketing, ask the people who already tasted it.

Now a days every magazine , newspapers , article writers , shop owners , etc are shifting towards online marketing. Some of the magazines are totally shifted if not at all. So the traditional marketing falling slowly. Many people consider TV ads and SMS is as a part of online marketing strategy.

The audience gap between both type is very high. Even in the holidays when your shop is in holidays, still you …

Things to consider in website's effectiveness evaluation

Website is a front base of your idea to create leads. It poses equal importance as you have a traditional shop in the main road of your town, where a lot of people gathers always. As you evaluate your shop to look different and very pretty, you should evaluate your website's effectiveness towards the visitors, so that your customers come back to your site time to time. It will make your brand an On-Demand-Brand.

Here we will discuss the different things to consider to evaluate your website's effectiveness.

To judge an effective website you should ask the random viewers (not the owners). For this moment, close your eyes and think of yourself as a customer coming first time in the website and ask the following questions:

Which part of the website you look at first? A normal visitor takes only a few seconds to decide whether to stick to this or close it. It means your landing page element should attract the viewer to find something interesting, so that he can stay with this page a…

How to identify shaky SEO Service in Ranchi

If you are quite a frequent marketer in Ranchi, you will have involved with many Services who offer Search Engine Optimization in very lazy and shaky way. You have to identify what they do to your site. I'm covering some of the basic points that is very important for a startup.
There are many companies and agencies who says they provide Guaranteed Ranking. But you have to identify those who use Black Hat SEO for your website. You have to take all the descriptions on what are the things they are doing to improve your online presence.

Installing a SEO service plugin for your WordPress site is not SEO means at all. You have to focus on all the links for the pages and posts and optimize them well one by one.

However, to identify shaky SEO service , you need to ask the following questions to the agency you are hiring :

1.What is the process for SEO in your agency ? 
- This is a very important question to ask. By asking this, you have to identify that the agency is not using any black hat…

Initial thoughts before making a digital marketing strategy

Now a days digital marketing plays a vital role in growing the businesses from very small scale to higher scale. Many marketer fail to sort out the things what will matter in your strategies. Here is some initial thoughts before your digital marketing strategy.

What should you do before you spend money for digital marketing purpose?

Be locally strong. Before going deep into marketing make your website strong and attractive, so that once the user come, they should visit at least 2-3 pages on your website. Don't make people go away quickly from your site. Many people lost their money on this purpose without getting expected income. This happens generally due to their weak preparations towards it. You have to make your platform strong to make your efforts count.

Be a strong learner. Before making a digital marketing strategy, ask yourself about your dedication, eagerness and enthusiasm towards learning. You can come from the usual traditional marketing or a fresh new starter , you shou…

Digital marketing facts you can't ignore

Digital marketing refers to marketing your products/services with a suitable way. It includes all the electronic and online medium such as, online content, video and images on mobile, desktops, tablets, etc. It reflects to enhancing your growth oriented capabilities.

Digital marketing performs in three stages:

The first stage is the performing a research on your targeted market. 
Initial thoughts before making a digital marketing strategyThe second stage is performing a mix during the online stage.The third stage is calculating the overall performance / effects of  your marketing after the activity.

This era of marketing is far ahead from what it was 10 years ago. Earlier there was very less points to consider to make an impact digitally. You need to be careful on what's going on in the market and should have ability to advance quickly. Today's internet market is full of fast-moving and always-online consumers. You need to focus on your goal to attract them. To win your race you…

Content Marketing mistakes and blunders to avoid for good

Content marketing for the new marketers is very common and they make the common mistakes and blunders that they need to avoid for their good.

As we all know, content marketing is the best way to market your products and services. Many marketers fail to move ahead in their competition of providing services and sales. In this blog we will discuss the positive efforts that will help to market well. Poor content makes your readers go away from your website , as a result you fail to deliver a good marketing.

Prepare the content that is directly focused on your customer needs. Your readers should take your articles useful and meaningful. you have to cover all the needs of your customer so that they can take your articles granted and make use of your services and products. Don't prepare content that haunts away your audience. Prepare outstanding and properly targeted content for your readers.

Why many people fail to achieve good response from the customers with their content? What are the…

Linking factors in SEO

Linking factors in SEO. In this blog we will discuss different factors that is related to website's linking of urls .

1.Back-links (Incoming-Links): Back-links are those that is present on other websites, from where you are getting incoming traffic. For example, you can comment on blogs with your website url, then you will get a link back to your website. Making quality Back-links is what you require. I mean the back-link which will give you continue traffic. After getting continue traffic , you can get a good traffic rank to beat up the competition on searches. Writing quality blogs, guest blogs on high traffic sites will give you those traffics. But remember always that "you don't have to spam all over any where or many places unusually". Search Engines always keeps their eye on your site's movement in achieving these. Also, if they find out that your site has got many unusual incoming-links at a time, they can penalize.

Here are different factors of incoming l…

Social Media Marketing for Ranchi - Pros and Cons

I'm always mentioning Ranchi in my blogs and because my blogs are for the people of Ranchi.  Social media marketing is very popular in Ranchi and growing. All the business personals are investing a lot of time in this tactic for their reach and searching for the services.

Here are the pros and cons of Social media for a website/services:

What are the Pros of Social Media Marketing:Cheap and cost effective type. Also available for paid for the bigger reachEasier than other internet marketing  present. You can use this strategy by yourself. But you need some precious content about your brand too for the shares on media.Free to use but you need to hire a professional digital marketing expert to do it professionally well. Widely Popular among the internet marketers. Many famous companies using SMM from a long time to increase their sales. They are countless in numbers.You can expose your brand values to the bigger audience and gain traffic on your website. So, that you can increase we…

Google guidelines for SEO - Don't be a Black Hat Guy

In this blog we will discuss the Google guidelines of SEO and discus on being a White Hat Guy and not a Black Hat Guy.

SEO refers to the marketing guidelines by the Top Search Engines in way that is legal and not malfunctioned.

There are many agencies who are taking a lot of money for SEO purpose and they say they will take their site up in the ranking list and they use Black Hat techniques. Black Hat techniques boosts a site in a small time frame, these tactics include many things that not matches with the google guidelines and google acts negatively on those techniques. Also you have to very vigilant in identifying the techniques they are using to boost your site.

What are the white Hat practices recommended by google , you should use with your site:
Maintain quality for your website: The webmasters who stick on the basic principle of white Hat , they get more web presence and ranking in comparison of those who use searches for the binary holes and exploitation of those in the Sear…

SEO Strategies for Organic searches on different keywords

After the basic structure for your website is complete, you should consider about your SEO strategies for Organic searches on different keywords. This is the time to think about the high quality content, that is targeted to different keyword searches. Because the content is a King and plays a vital and most important role on search engines to understand well about your site. You should make a good content making strategy to make your web presence strong.

Organic SEO plays a vital role for your business to success and gives a stability on the neutral results on Search Engines. This method is for the people who knows and believe themselves in working hard for the rankings. The main fact is if your site's Organic SEO is strong then it will last long will become stable if it fulfills the reader's desire. This cost effective tactics is very common in the market and you have to hire a blogger for your business to write the most effective content relevant to the searches if you can&…

Off Page SEO - Points to Consider with your Website

After the on-page-optimization for your website, its a time to check out some off page SEO tactics. We are covering the points to consider with your website that is used by majority of people. And we should do it too to encounter the competition.

Optimizing for the market needs has been growing day by day and many people are curious about what to happen next. The tactics you are using now can be outdated the next day. You can forget the old ways of doing this happen and always learn new and trending ways.

Now a days, traffic plays a vital role in ranking. So, if you can bring traffic without doing anything off-page, You can still be able to make more online web presence.

Off page SEO refers to making your website promotions and making people visit on your site.

The points you should care about is:
The first very important point is don't target any black hat tactics to cover your marketing strategies. Don't perform any linking to unwanted and insecure sites that is blacklisted i…

Web Designing for SEO

Web designing for SEO purpose in Ranchi is a intelligent move if you are planning to be better than your competitors on google. Making the site what actually required by the web crawlers is something you need to understand if you want more intelligent in the searches. Web designing for SEO in Ranchi is quite searchable topic for the marketers in Ranchi.

You have focus on all the organic searches in your business area of interest. But before you go to that you need to focus on the better structure of your site. There are billions and billions of people who perform google searches and only around 4.7% navigate their search to the second page of the listings. So, it is very important to be stable on the first page and so on you have to work hard for it. You can it as a hard fight. But before the fight, you have to optimize the basic site well which will Rank, and later on focus on the organic searches.

There are many things that are around the corner some where inside your mind on how t…

Different Internet Marketing ways - Make online presence

There are many different ways of online internet marketing that will make your presence online with other millions of businesses in the world. The topic of Internet Marketing in Ranchi is most trending. Every business group either big or small they want to show up everywhere in internet and make their presence strong for internet marketing in Ranchi.

In this blog, we will discuss what are the ways for internet marketing in Ranchi.

First of all, create your strategy.

-Study and do research on your market and your audience.-Study your competitor and analyze on how strong is he in the market.-Think about much dose your site needs to get ahead w.r.t. your competitors. Normally, It needs some hard works.-Create your strategy to drive traffic. Make yourself strong. Think about long tails titles for the blogs and create high quality content.

The following are some points on how you approach:

1. Search Engine Optimization is the most important ways from all the methods. From the last decade, th…

Choosing Wordpress for web designing - Good for making your Brand

Before you think of a website designing in Ranchi, certainly you will be in all mess for the platform what will be useful for making your Brand and good for marketing, right?

Web designing is a different part and can be done on a lot of different platform available. But how you can target your audience and make your brand is an art of SEO.

WordPress is made for SEO and marketing. And off course you can build your brand and arrange your people who can listen to you.

In this new era of many corporate businesses, all want to make more impact than the others and keep pushing in and around the market. You always need a better strategy in your corporate sector to stay ahead. That's why Corporate Branding becomes the most important topic for your online success.

Keeping people always updating about , what's going on in your side is useful in increasing your corporate impact on people. You should always choose a unique strategy to cover your branding goal.

So, why should you choose Wo…

Impact of CSS in Website Design

CSS is the most important part and playing an impact in a really good website.

We all know the website should look very attractive, So we need a design rule that is understood by web pages. CSS helps web designers to format the design as he wants. Many design related things can be achieved with the help of this.

What can you do with CSS?
-You can Override the old design with a new CSS Code.-You can do animations and transitions with the version 3.-You can write really simple and effective designing formats/ rules.-You can attach a external style-sheet or write internal style or write inline style. -Inline styles are weighted high in the DOM but you have to avoid inline style for good SEO factor.-As a beginner you can do many things to experiment with the design like setting the layout, setting alignments, height width, color, background color etc to learn and enjoy.Many great features are provided in the version 3 but you have to learn the basic version well.For more advanced CSS pract…

Website designer roles and responsibilities

We will discuss about the different roles and responsibilities of a website designer. And focus on what type of requirements and situation faced by them.

They have to face many challenges given by the clients on what type of design they want and is that is according to their business ideas and goals. Will the presentation is attractive enough to make visitor as a customer. Yeah, there are a lot of things there.

What are the roles?

The roles differ with the different types of the business needs from cars, furniture, educational, sports, blogs, magazines,etc. It has also a lot of things to do with understanding the business and making an effective layouts that really satisfy the involved person and making the customers.

There are two types of Web design : One is UI (user interface) and UX(user experience). Both the types are some sort of different. There are a lot of confusions with the two types. Many people thinks it very differently. Both the types separates the requirement of the pe…

Basic Website SEO in Ranchi (Jharkhand)

Ranking on google is not something that you can do like engineering semester exam and prepare it by working the whole night. SEO is quite frequent and adscititious process after building, that should be done time and time again.

What is Basic Website SEO?

Basic Website SEO refers to making the website with content,images, linking, heading, paragraphs according to search Engine Algorithm and requirement by using White Hat. White Hat refers to using tactics that is legal and not confusing for Search Engines. It involves many things to check that is your site follows the properties of a good site recommended by google. Google always shows what is most relevant for the users to read about the topic they searches.

Read about being a White Hat Guy and not a Black Hat Guy

You can think this topic as a free source of traffic. Many people and companies have invested many marketing dollars for optimization just because of this reason.

You can find many blogs and posts about this topic related to …

Website design vs Content Marketing in Ranchi

The fight between Website design vs Content Marketing is very common in the present industry. Many people asks the experts , what will be good for effective marketing to fulfill the dreams. Website Design seriously makes an impact on your customer lives , that you care about what  you are selling or providing the service. But the content is also very important to rank well. The combination of both is very deadly and you should consider making a SEO- friendly design first, then prepare the content by consulting any content marketing expert. Good design keeps the visitor's attraction but good and targeted content keeps the visitor there. Both are required to achieve good site rank and traffic. Therefore always consider to make a perfect balance of both the particulars in achieving better position in the market.

What both have to say on DESIGN vs CONTENT? 

"We both are equally important for a successful presence in the market. It's Better to be together.
Blazing content and de…